Caterpillar to Butterfly

with Sijith Salim

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It's time for you to shine

You’ve been dreaming about being your own boss for ages but imposter syndrome keeps knocking you back. Do you have what it takes to create your own business? Won’t people think you’re a fraud?

Well, it’s time to banish those fears and step into the spotlight. You totally have what it takes to shape your own destiny. Yes, you. In all your imperfect glory. Because there is no such thing as a perfect entrepreneur. There’s just those who let their fears do the driving and those who take the wheel with their own two hands.

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Hi, I'm Sijith

Welcome to the “Caterpillar toButterfly” show. The aim of this show is to inspire busy individuals to take care of both their mental and physical health ato effectively handle all of  the challenges that  may be complicating their lives..

My Inspirational Moment

It was my interest in self improvement  that drove me to create a website  as well as a newsletter to share what I learned with others. One day I wrote an article on motivation and sent it out to my newsletter members. Then I went to sleep.

On the very next morning when I woke up, there was a reply from one of the subscribers. She wrote – “Sijith,  last night I was about to commit suicide. When  I was about  to shut down my computer  your email came in. Out of curiosity I opened your email, and read what you wrote. At that very moment, I decided not to commit suicide. As a result of reading your words, I will never commit suicide. Thanks for saving my life.”

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  • How To Read One Book A Week

    Do you wish you can read more? Even finish a book a week? Watch this video and learn how you can improve your reading skills, and even read one book a week.

  • Using The Opportunities We Have In Life

    In this video, Sijith discusses how it is important to take the opportunities we have in our life

  • Using Calendar To Better Manage Our Time

    This talk is about how we can use Calendar to make improvements to our productivity

  • Finding Motivation In Your Life

    We all need some level of motivation. When you know your purpose, you are very excited to get things done. In this talk, Sijith talks about his motivation to achieve his goals, and what you can do about yours.

  • Taking Responsibility of One’s Health

    Health is critical to our happiness. To take care of health, we need to have a strong why. This talk is about how we can have a strong why for taking care of our health.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Wow what great experience, I love it! It's exactly what I've been looking for. Athena's podcast was the best investment I ever made. I don't know if I would have ever made it without her guidance and support!
    Mary Debens Independent Virtual Assistant
  • I like this group more and more each day. It makes my life a lot easier. It's really wonderful to be able to get support from like minded entrepreneurs. And Athena is always available to advise us. Thank you so much!
    Sarah Bernard Social Media Guru
  • At the beginning I just started with an idea, not knowing where to begin or even if I could do it. Athena's program answered all my questions and got me ready to quit my job and start my business within a month. I am so proud I finally took the risk to realise my dream.
    Sophia Bellanger Social Media Guru
  • I can't recommend Athena enough. I have learn so much about how to grow a business through social media and marketing. I am myself a coach and I know the importance of good support and guidance. If you are looking to grow your business this podcast is the answer to your questions!
    Adam Johnson Founder of Enjoy Your Life

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